why us

Why Us

We always aim at being the most reliable shipping partner and we achieve it by building strong trust relations that are based on a series of operational traits and practices.

  • Highly respected and experienced senior management team, with diverse and complementary areas of expertise, as well as a long track record at Varhip Shipping and other relevant first-class organizations.
  • Lean and cost-effective management operations, on a long-term basis.
  • Access to capital.
  • Ability to manage industry-related risks.
  • Established reputation after decades of successful operation in the shipping industry.
  • Associated with key industry players, such as brokers, charterers and banks.
  • Versatile experience in management of bullkers, product carriers, reefers and containers.
  • Large pool of qualified crew due to the resources offered by our Manila office, Crossworld Marine, a leading player in the international manning sector.
  • New ideas founded upon traditional principles.
  • Thirty years of experience as ship-managers.